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Florida Surge Elite Fall 2018 Schedule


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Danny Haimes - FLG in 3D 2021 All-Star Game MVP

Caden Schillo - FLG in 3D 2020 All-Star Game

Zak Bitar - FLG in 3D 2020 All-Star Game

What makes Florida Surge different?

  • Our staff has more college coaching experience than any other club team in Florida.  
  • We are not a financially driven club.  Our main goal is to develop players to become college Lacrosse players.  Its not about income for us.  
  • We spend months training and preparing our team to compete.  There is no substitution for preparation.  Our players are better prepared that other clubs and it shows in our play.     
  • We focus on one or two teams so we can give each player individual attention and development.